Live Oak School Mural Community Project
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Live Oak School Mural Community Project
Super Clinic: Beijing TV
In 2015, Gregory Burns was invited to mentor a 12-year-old boy from the countryside of China with the hope that the relationship could help the disabled child. It helped Gregory just as much.
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Super Clinic: Beijing TV
Live Oak School Mural Community Project
Super Clinic: Beijing TV

Since 1984, Gregory Burns has tried in his own small way to support various disadvantaged children and adults throughout Asia. For several years, the US Embassy sent Gregory deep into the fabric of China, Mongolia and Singapore as a Cultural Ambassador to share his uplifting message with thousands of locals. In the spirit of Robin Hood, Gregory has endeavored to help people with disabilities and children who have experienced trauma or poverty. Recently, during one charity auction in Beijing, Gregory’s painting sold for RMB600,000 ($90,000) which was used to build schools in rural China.

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Giving Back

Gregory is committed to giving back to communities across the globe through his efforts as a Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity Ambassador for various corporations and social service organizations.

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Since 1984, Gregory has mentored less advantaged groups and individuals through Disability Awareness Programs and Motivational Keynote Presentations for numerous schools, clubs and organizations across the globe.

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Cultural Ambassador

From 2011 to 2014 the United States Embassy in China sent Gregory to six cities in the Center Kingdom to present two dozen talks and workshops.


Community Initiative

Gregory conceived and implemented, ‘Journeys’, a community initiative gathering a dozen disabled and able-bodied children for a painting safari to Eastern Australia followed by a charity art auction of their paintings.


Following the tsunami in Kesennuma, Japan, Shangri-La Hotel in Tokyo enlisted Gregory’s spirit to bring some color and life back to the effected communities.

Gregory traveled to and then lived in Kesennuma for three days to complete an Art Mural project with the local children. After two days collaborating with the locals to produce an artwork expressing the community’s dreams for their village, the finished 4x8foot mural was proudly featured in the Kesennuma Museum as a memorial.


Global Love of Lives Award

In 2010, Gregory had the honor of accepting the Chou Da Kuan Foundation’s, ‘Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal’ along with a dozen other deserving individuals. Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou (an avid swimmer) hosted the group at the Presidential Palace but politely declined a swimming competition with Gregory. Awardees also spoke at several schools around the island and at a children’s cancer ward in a major hospital, reaching hundreds of young people while sharing a messages of hope and perseverance.